what up mofo's?!?!

I am pleased to announce my participation in the Vegan Month of Food this year! It's my first year participating and I look forward to sharing some great recipes and information with you! I also look forward to reading all the other MoFo blogs every day. 

This is my birthday month - so what a great month for the Vegan MoFo! Having just started my vegan journey - my posts will focus on the foods I've been incorporating into my diet, my experience going vegan and my favorite vegan meals so far. 

And the part I'm most excited about? I will be traveling to all the local Phoenix, AZ area vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants this month (and dragging the Carnivorous Senior Citizen there with me - for comic relief of course...) to bring you the Valley Veg at it's Best (and worst)! 

Not a vegan? Well - we can all use a little more veg in our lives. I challenge you to try at least one vegan meal this month - or try a vegan meal at one of the restaurants I will be profiling this month - and let me know how you like it. Not too hard, right?


  1. Found you from Cashing Joy... love the concept of your blog! I'm a long-time vegetarian who has not yet made the leap to veganism. Looking forward to reading about your journey!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  2. How cool that you're new to veganism and VeganMOFO. This is my first year participating in the MOFO, but I've been vegan for five or six years. I look forward to reading more of your stories!


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